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Windswept Review

Cynthia Racette ~ Windswept ~ Review by LolaLovesBooks

So Lola, I see you just finished Cynthia Racette’s (Contemporary Romance/Women’s Literature) debut book Windswept. The title sounds interesting… Can you tell me how it ties into the book?

Windswept is the perfect title for this book. Not only does it relate to the circumstances in which this books revolves, but it is also the name of David and Caroline’s sailboat—the one thing the couple still has passion for in their marriage.

What do you mean by the only thing they have passion for?

After many years of marriage, raising their daughter Lily and their careers, the spark in their marriage has fizzled out without either one realizing.

So what happens??

Well, Dawn, it’s sad to say but David sought attention from another woman.

An affair…Yikes! What happens?

What doesn’t happen is more like it! With the cat out of the bag and David out of the house, Caroline has to try to make it on her own. She’s parenting Lily on her own (for the most part) and is facing some serious problems at work. Thankfully she has Windswept, the one place she can go to find some peace. Her biggest hurdle isn’t David having an affair, not even the single parenting or career issues… It’s the huge, unexpected bomb Matt—a mutual college buddy—drops on her. The story really starts heating up at this point with the choices Caroline must make.
“This is a story about a couple which has drifted apart, braved the choppy sea, and came out of the storm for some smooth sailing.”


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  1. Great interview. It’s concise and informative.

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