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Sailing, Sailing

People often want to know why I wrote a book about a sailboat. Well, my husband and I love to sail and owned a sailboat similar to Windswept. They say write what you know and I knew sailing inside out. If you’ve never gone sailing and an opportunity arises to go, take it!

Our sailboat was named Capella because my husband and I were separated by an ocean when we were engaged and we each used to look up in the sky and find Capella. It made us feel closer to have that constellation up there we could both look at, even we couldn’t see each other directly. We loved that boat and had many adventures on it, some of which I used for my book.

What is it about sailing that has called to men for centuries? One thing is that it gives you a oneness with the sea, which also holds an allure for men. Another thing is that it is a completely different world. When you’re out in the sun with the white sail taut and white against the bright blue sky, sail edges luffing, and the control line running through your fingers, you don’t notice anything else in your life. You don’t think about your boss’s overbearing attitude, your child’s failing grade in math, and the presidential pundits cease to exist.

A sailboat has many identities. When it’s moored in the marina or on the hook at night, it becomes a cozy, warm little camper. There is room for a family of four to have a nice, if inventive, dinner and evening of relaxation. When the boat is on the water, it becomes a fast, sleek, powerful wind machine. Then there is the lazy, after-dinner sunset sail. I could go on and on. A sailboat that has been in the family for years gains a personality as part of the family.


Comments on: "Sailing, Sailing" (1)

  1. Helen Jones said:

    Great post Cindy. I LOVED the story about the boat’s name. So romantic.

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